David Luiz FIFA 23(A Comprehensive Guide)

David Luiz Moreira Marinho, commonly known as David Luiz, is a prominent figure in the world of professional football. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding David Luiz’s career, FIFA 23 rating, playstyle, and how to make the most of his talents in the game. So, let’s dive right in!


Who is David Luiz?

David Luiz, a Brazilian footballer, currently plays as a center-back for Flamengo in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. Known for his unique style and leadership on the field, he has left a significant mark on the footballing world.

Overview of his football career

Early Beginnings at Vitória

David Luiz’s journey started with Vitória, a Brazilian club, where he honed his skills before making a move abroad.

Success in Portugal with Benfica

In 2007, he joined Benfica and enjoyed success, winning two league titles and the Taça da Liga during his time in Portugal.

Record-Breaking Transfer to Chelsea

The year 2011 saw David Luiz make a record-breaking transfer to Chelsea, with a £50 million fee, setting a new standard for defenders. During his time at Chelsea, he achieved glory in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

A stint in Paris with PSG

In 2014, David Luiz made a move to Paris Saint-Germain, where he continued to excel, securing four domestic trophies during his two seasons in France.

Return to Chelsea

The Brazilian defender returned to Chelsea in 2016, contributing to victories in the FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League once again.

Arsenal Days

In 2019, David Luiz joined Arsenal, adding 53 appearances to his career before embarking on a new adventure.

Triumph with Flamengo

In 2021, he returned to Brazil to play for Flamengo, where he achieved success by winning the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and the Copa do Brasil.

David Luiz FIFA 23 Rating and Potential

David Luiz FIFA 23 stats

In-Game Performance

In FIFA 23, David Luiz boasts an impressive overall rating of 83, with a potential rating also set at 83. These statistics establish him as one of the highest-rated center-backs in the game.

David Luiz’s Playstyle

Versatility and Leadership

David Luiz is a versatile center-back, adaptable to various formations and styles. He thrives in possession-based teams, utilizing his exceptional ball-playing skills to initiate attacks from the back.

How to Use David Luiz in FIFA 23

Building from the Back

To make the most of David Luiz in FIFA 23, utilize him as a ball-playing center-back. His abilities are best suited for building attacks from the defensive line and distributing the ball effectively.

Aerial Dominance

David Luiz is renowned for his prowess in aerial duels. Deploy him to defend against aerial balls and set pieces, where his heading ability shines.

Pace as a Weakness

However, be cautious when defending against rapid opponents. His pace, rated at 65, can make him vulnerable to fast attackers.

David Luiz FIFA 23 Career Mode

A Valuable Addition

For FIFA 23 Career Mode enthusiasts, David Luiz is a valuable acquisition. His high rating and wealth of experience make him an excellent choice to bolster any defense.


Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that at 36 years old, David Luiz is not a long-term investment. His significant salary demands may also pose challenges for some teams.

David Luiz FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Inclusion

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, David Luiz is a valuable asset due to his high rating and leadership qualities.

Factors to Weigh

However, his cost and pace limitations must be considered. Teams favoring a high-pressing style may find better alternatives.

Additional Details about David Luiz

International Success

David Luiz is a Brazilian international, earning over 50 caps for his country. He has been a part of numerous successful campaigns, including winning the UEFA Champions League and Copa América.

Style and Philanthropy

Beyond his footballing prowess, David Luiz is known for his flamboyant personality and fashion sense. He is also a dedicated philanthropist, generously supporting various charitable causes.

Tips for Using David Luiz Effectively in FIFA 23

Chemistry Styles

Consider using chemistry styles that enhance Luiz’s pace and strength, such as Anchor or Shadow, to mitigate his weaknesses.

Partner Strategically

Pair David Luiz with a faster center-back to cover for his lack of pace and maintain a balanced defense.

Leadership Impact

Leverage Luiz’s leadership qualities to motivate and guide your team, on and off the pitch.

Initiating Attacks

Use his ball-playing ability to kickstart attacks from the back, contributing to your team’s offensive play.

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David Luiz is undeniably a valuable asset for any FIFA 23 team. His high rating, versatile playstyle, and leadership qualities make him a formidable presence on the field. However, teams should be mindful of his age and pace limitations. By following the provided tips and understanding his strengths, you can maximize his impact and help your team secure victories.


Is David Luiz available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs?

Yes, you can find David Luiz in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs, but he might be a rare and valuable addition to your squad.

What are David Luiz’s standout skills in FIFA 23?

David Luiz excels in attributes such as aggression, stand tackle, shot power, long pass, and heading in FIFA 23.

Can David Luiz still perform at the highest level despite his age?

While David Luiz remains a skilled and experienced player, teams should consider his age and potentially use him as a short-term solution.

What chemistry styles are recommended for David Luiz in FIFA 23?

Chemistry styles like Anchor or Shadow can help boost David Luiz’s pace and defensive abilities, enhancing his overall performance.

What sets David Luiz apart from other center-backs in FIFA 23?

David Luiz’s exceptional ball-playing ability and leadership on the pitch make him a unique and valuable choice for your team.

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